Our Value Proposition

Our client could benefit from:

Quick and timely delivery of garments - One of our biggest value propositions are benefits of using a common methodology in the use of sizing, pattern making, grading, cutting and stitching of garments. Once the processes, procedures and patterns are created, they can be used (perhaps with small modifications) on all projects in the future. This results in reduced project start-up time, a shorter learning curve for project team members and time savings from not having to reinvent processes and templates from scratch on each project.

Cost effective and competitively priced made to measure garments-better project management staff are able to manage scope more effectively and thus saving costs and are able to offer competitive garments

High grade quality in terms of fabric and material used - We use some of the best fabrics which are washed, tested and only then used for the manufacture of our garments

Proper handling, management, allocation and delivery of garments - From planning to execution and finally to delivery, we make sure everything is calculated for and goes through the correct channel and adequate resources are provided for the same and at the right time.

Providing the Best fit to our clients- Our Professional Masters and experienced tailors are well trained and experienced in garment cutting and stitching to provide a perfect made to measure garment

Flexibility of payment options - We provide various payment options to our clients: including cash, credit card, paypal, online transfer, bank account transfer and cheque are various option to pay only after they are satisfied with our product.

Efficient and Well Trained Service Staff- We have employed, a professional and cordial sales team and service staff who are well trained and experienced in dealing with customers, as the company’s founder and CEO started the business from the retail trade way back in 1971 in Abu Dhabi and has experience of more than four decades and understanding of retail client service and customer support.

Quality Fabrics and tailoring materials- We at Lovely Tailors, directly source high grade quality fabrics and the highest grade tested tailoring material from all over the world from the top branded fabric and tailoring material manufacturers. We procure our materials from India, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong and Italy since 1977.In meeting the goals, we ensure the quality of fabric is of top grade and composition and is appropriate for all weather conditions.

Professional and Experienced Master Cutters and Tailors- We,at Lovely Tailors, employ some of the best master tailor cutter and tailors for both Him, Her and their Little Ones. Our Technical Team is Experienced, in producing custom made garments

Top grade Tailoring Equipment and Machinery- At Lovely Tailors, we have some of the best technologically advanced stitching, fusingm garment making machines, imported from Juki Japan (a leading name in sewing machinery industry) the latest tailoring and sewing machinery. From quality up to date sewing machinery the latest fusing and pasting, button hole and button stitch machinery which are efficient and ideal for a perfect garment output and ensure high grade quality garment.